Happy Parents Say

Ruth was able to provide our family with an immense amount of support, guidance and wisdom at a time when we were struggling being burnt out and sleep deprived. We are a family of five with three kids 4 and under – two under two.

Our middle child Lily had always been an amazing sleeper but once our baby was born things started to shift and every night we were laying next to the cot to get her to sleep and she was waking multiple times a night. Our baby Bowie was in the 4 month sleep regression and waking frequently. Nearly every night resulted with all 5 of us sleeping in our bed just to get some rest.

Ruth’s support for us during this time was invaluable. She looked at everything, the girls diets, their sleep associations and comforts. She spoke to us as parents to gauge how we felt about different sleep training techniques and recommended what she thought would work based on our values and what we were comfortable with.

She provided us with so much advice that was easy to follow and implement. We immediately started to see an improvement in both the girls sleeping habits. Throughout the process she was always there, checking in to see how we were going, adjusting methods where required. She had so much pediatric experience and knowledge she was able to provide advice on a range of different problems and issues we were having well beyond sleep training.

She was always so supportive and kind and genuinely had so much time for us. Thanks to Ruth we now have two very different kids sleep wise. Both girls are now able to self-settle and sleep through the night completely! We cannot recommend Ruth highly enough. Her extensive knowledge of sleep training and pediatric issues paired with her warm, kind and caring nature allowed us to thrive as a family and feel normal again.
Father Of Lily

When we had our second daughter Sadie, our family endured hours of screaming and weeks of sleeplessness where we would have to hold our daughter upright. She was being held 24/7, was difficult to settle and couldn’t be put down. This was becoming increasingly difficult with another child who is 1.5 yrs to care for.

Getting in touch with Ruthie changed everything almost instantly for us. Through discussions around our situation and Sadies behaviour, we discovered that poor sleep was a symptom of other issues, in our case, reflux. Ruthie had a range of avenues For us to follow and insight on feeding techniques. Once we used these and had the reflux under control, we were able to properly employ settling strategies.

Ruthie has a holistic approach to sleep and settling, looking at the whole picture of why there might be unsettledness in the first place. We can’t thank Ruthie enough! We now have balance back in our home and are getting sleep again. 
Mother Of Sadie

Having my two little babies Finn and Malia only 16 months apart was hard enough without my eldest child Finn waking throughout the night at least one to two times. We were also struggling to put Finn down to sleep which turned into having a bed time battle every single night

I couldn’t cope any longer getting up multiple times during the night with a new born and with Finn adding to my sleep deprivation. I sought help from Ruth from Baby Don’t Cry. Ruth and I had several discussions and emails back and forth about the issues we were having with Finn.

Ruth then customised a sleep program for Finn. Not only was it customised, I also had the option to choose which technique we wanted to use. Once my husband Tim was on board, we put the program in place..

To tell you the truth the first week was hell. Changing sleep and awake times was very hard since we had put up with this issue for so long. After a couple of weeks of persistence, Finn now goes to sleep every night between 6.30pm and 7pm. .

I now enjoy our quiet time before bed and Finn is rarely up through the night. We are still mastering the 7am wake up with Finn still wanting to be an early riser but we are slowly getting there..

I can’t recommend Ruth enough for any family struggling with sleep issues! .

Thanks Ruthie xxx.

Love Cat, Tim, Finn and Malia
Mother of Finn and Malia

Ruth came into our lives after several months of no sleep! My son was 9 months and had been waking every 45 mins, feeding to sleep and bedsharing since 6 months. He also catnapped during the day, and we were burnt out. We had tried a sleep consultant and it didn't work, so we were feeling really low. Then came our fairy godmother, Ruth!! 

What a breath of fresh air she was. Ruth was so positive and kept telling us what a wonderful job we were doing and how great we were, even when we couldn't see it. She assessed not only our son and his sleep, but looked at our lifestyles, diet, and educated us. She made my husband and I feel like we were important and mattered too. She gave advice on teething remedies, on breastfeeding supplements, on ensuring we looked after ourselves and not just our son.

Ruth didn't push any one method on us, and provided us with lots of information to be able to make the choice that would be suit our family. It wasn't one that we initially thought we would like, but it was the one we believed would be the best for our son and his personality. We felt really informed and comfortable with our choice, which made it easier to implement and stick to it.

Within days we saw a huge difference in his ability to self settle and sleep long periods overnight. It wasn't as daunting and hard as we thought it would be, and our son was so much happier!! We couldn't believe how much sleep we were getting either. It made the world of difference for our family.

Ruth was so supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process. Even when we were met with some resistance after a few days, Ruth was encouraging and helpful, providing reassurance and laughing along with me at my son's determination. Our son now sleeps through the night, or wakes only once, and can put himself to sleep every time he goes down. We feel such a sense of freedom with this.

I have referred Ruth to my friends and we all call her 'Magic Ruth, our fairy godmother'. We are so, so grateful to Ruth for everything she has done for us, and we would not hesitate to use her again or refer her to anyone needing help getting their little one to sleep. 
Caitlin and Lee, Parents