Hi, my name is Ruthie!

Ruth Monk - Registered Nurse and Sleep Consultant

I guess you may be a sleep-deprived family with an adorable little one that is challenging you with some settling and sleep issues.

I can help!

As a certified baby sleep consultant with "science-based" training, I find my experience as a registered nurse (specialising in emergency and paediatric nursing) of over 30 years helps with many of the speed bumps you may go through parenting.

I have had the first-hand experience of the joys and trials of parenting, as I'm the incredibly proud mother of a son and twin daughters and "nan nan" to 3 young grandchildren, and grown-up naturally wanting to nurture being the eldest of 6 children, where I always had a sibling on my hip.

This time doesn't need to be challenging! At Baby Don't Cry, we want to help empower you with confidence so that you can send your child to sleep and maintain a happy and healthy life.

Sleep Programs

Choose the best fit


The perfect package for families that may be:
  • time-busy
  • living interstate or abroad
  • would prefer to minimal face-to-face contact
  • have less worrisome sleep habits
  • feel comfortable implementing the methods themselves
Includes a comprehensive sleep assessment, detailed plan on how to improve your child's sleep "hiccups" and two weeks of ongoing support.
Support and conversations are through email only.


$250 - $950
Many of our families have benefited from a more “hands-on” approach to sleep and settling, especially if the child has more complex sleeping habits.

In the comfort of your own home, I can demonstrate techniques and provide much-needed support. Most parents feel more at ease chatting face to face about their children.

Prices depend on how many hours and at what time of the day. As a guideline, 2 hours day consultation starts at $250 to $950 for a 12-hour overnight consultation.


For families with less complicated sleep-related issues. Includes a comprehensive, personalised sleep assessment, a detailed plan on how to improve your child's sleep and two weeks of ongoing support. We provide the following convenient methods to work with you:
  • phone
  • email
  • online video / messages

    COVID-19 Update

    Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation and physical distancing guidelines issued by the Australian Department of Health, I will not be offering any home visits until further notice. I will however, continue to offer phone/video consultations so please don't hesitate to get in touch so we can plan in a time that suits you and your family.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q. My newborn (4 weeks old) is very unsettled and cries a lot. I know actual “sleep training” is not recommended until around 4 months but I’m at my wit's end. Are you able to suggest anything?

      Yes, it’s correct that sleep “training” isn’t effective before 4 months. However, as I’m paediatric trained I can assess your little treasure first to determine if there is any physical reason behind her being unsettled, (such as gastric reflux or feeding troubles) then advise or refer her on. I can also teach you gentle methods that help with her settling and therefore help with self-settling as she gets older.
    • Q. I’ve heard that sleep training your baby means leaving and letting them cry. Is this true?

      Definitely not! My methods are scientifically based nurturing regimes that take into account not only your parenting styles but the unique temperament of your child.

      Of course, a baby will be upset when changes are made but we will work together to see which methods work well for your little one and your family.
    • Q. My 3-year-old has never been a great sleeper and
      we find it easier if we wait until she finally falls asleep in the lounge before popping her into bed. Can you help?

      Working as a team with your daughter we can support her in learning the lifelong skill of self-settling. She’ll be so proud of her results!
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